There are many challenging fields that an individual can select to make a career in it. One such is the Aeronautical Engineering which offers a wide scope for growth. This field deals with development of new technology in aviation and defence system. The field specializes in designing, construction and developing of commercial aircraft for military, spacecrafts and their components.  As the field involves too much of technical work, individual needs to master in technical skills to understand the requirements.

One needs to be alert and updated about high-level of mathematical calculation needed for making of aircraft. Individuals taking up this profession should take up the courses in structural design, navigational guidance and instrumentation and production method. Engineers may work in areas like designing, development and maintenance.

Presently, the market of aeronautical jobs is rising high and there is a huge requirement of fresh minds to provide world class technical and mechanical result. Of course, with great hardship comes handful of money. Engineers working in aeronautics are offered with great package, suiting working environment and good scope. There are more and more aeronautical engineering jobs coming up in overseas as there are more military and passenger aircraft are designed. This sudden change in aviation industry has brought change in job prospects and also the demand among the young talents has increased.

What Benefits Students Get In This Field?

Students taking up Aeronautical engineering course are driven through various steps of aeronautic field. Right from planning to designing, aspiring engineers are trained well to understand the needs. These engineers work with high-tech technologies to build the best aircraft for space and satellite research. With international aeronautics courses students get in-depth exposure to latest technology and hence they get prepared for all upcoming challenges while designing.  Apart from these benefits, salary is what that attracts these engineers.

Students Benefit With International Universities

Students seeking engineering in aerospace at international universities are benefited with top class engineering learning experience. They are offered with intense practical knowledge through internship in respective companies to understand the industry. This certainly helps in practically applying scientific, technical and mathematical principals while designing mechanisms. Completing aeronautical maintenance technician (AMT) from respective university in US will help in earning mechanic certificate landing you to a respective job.

Apart from jobs, these universities offer scholarships and other financial aids for international students to cover tuition fees and stay expenses. However, you need to be eligible to gain the scholarship and other financial aids offered by university and government.

Job Prospects For Aeronautical Engineer

There is a huge job prospect for aeronautical engineers in overseas. The combination of specialization, general engineering and ability to work with team are certain requirement of the engineer. There are top aeronautical companies that employ engineers in various sections. Engineers can find job in Aviation Industry, Satellite and Space Research Organizations (ISRO, NASA etc), Defence and Automobile Companies. However there are certain skill set required to face the challenge and working conditions.  Along with good mathematical base, engineer should be creative and have analytical power.

The salary of an engineer in aeronautics may differ from the company joined and also experience in the field.  However, the annual salary of the engineer in USA and other countries is approx $64,271 or even more.

Eligibility Criteria

Students in India and even overseas taking up this field need to carry B. Tech or a diploma in Aeronautics. IITs in India offer PG or Diploma in Aeronautics. Similarly, international students need to comply with the respective eligibility criteria. Moreover, the student also needs to be passed out from qualifying exam JEE and other entrance exam from their respective country.  Once done, aspiring engineers can apply for higher studies in international universities or even in Asian universities.

Institutes Offering Aeronautical Engineering Course

There are colleges in India and abroad that offers different courses in Aeronautical engineering:

IIAE Dehradun: Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun is the leading institute offering the course in different levels.  Students completing their degree successfully with highest percentage are promoted to international universities to opt for B.Eng (Hons). It has partnered with number of universities and colleges abroad to give students a better exposure.  The institute is affiliated to West-Coast University, Central America, Panama & Institutions of Automotive Engineers, India. It is also accredited by International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) USA.

Courses Offered
IIAE offers 2 yrs of Associate Degree, for which student need to clear TOEFL, SAT or IELTS. Total cost/fees is approx Rs 30-40 lacs which also includes 2 yrs in International Accreditation Organisation (IAO) USA.

BS+MS with Work Placement in Aerospace which includes 4yrs at IIAE Dehradun and 2 yrs in overseas. Total cost for the entire course is Rs 4, 30,000/- per year in USA with Scholarship and Rs 8, 60,000/- per year without scholarship.

2yrs programme in Aerospace/ Aeronautical Engineering + Pilot Training with placement. 2-year at IIAE Dehradun for Associate Degree + 02 yrs to 03 yrs at Lithuania and France/ 02 years in USA. Total cost is Rs. 45 to 50 lacs only [First two year fees at IIAE Dehradun is Rs.7, 35, 000/-(Seven lacs and thirty five thousands only) inclusive registration, academic and hostel fees, non refundable].

Scholarship: IIAE offers scholarship for students securing more than 80% marks and they need to pay Rs.13, 000/- less on academic fees for IIAE only per annum. This facility is also available for SC/ST and economically backward students.

Imperial College of London:  This top UK college offers 4 yrs and 5yrs of MEng in Aeronautics where students are offered with common programme for first 2yrs and next year students are provided practical knowledge of aerospace with individual project. Both 4 yrs and 5yrs course concentrates on subjects like- Helicopter Dynamics, Innovation Management, Aircraft Systems Engineering and Project Management.  The college ranks 10 as per Times Higher Education. The aeronautical degree course is accredited by Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) and by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Scholarship: The college offers number of scholarships for UG and PG courses like Royal Aeronautical Society, Imperial College PhD Scholarships and Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The amount of the scholarship depends on the fees and the financial condition of the student.

California Institute of Technology: Also called as CALTECH, the research at Graduate Aerospace Laboratories offers PG courses and Undergraduate course. The Master’s degree in Aeronautics is one year program providing advanced training in the areas of aeronautics. The institute has been ranked No 1 by Times Higher Education. Students earning aeronautical engineering degree can take up PhD and are also offered with good placements. The tuition fees for the course is approx $39,990 per yr full time.

Scholarships: CALTECH offers three different types of financial aids like Grants, Work Study and Loans.  The grants are available from state governments which also includes Stamps Leadership Scholarship and Federal Grants.  The loan program offered are- CALTECH Loan, Federal Perkins Loans and Federal Loan Plus.

University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies: This is most reputed university in Canada enrolling 80 students in M.A.Sc, M. Eng and PhD programs in aerospace. It is being ranked top for its aerospace courses in different levels. For graduate level course, the institute offers research-intensive programs leading to MASc and PhD degrees, and a professionally-oriented program leading to the MEng degree. Students have the scope to learn aircraft flight system, structural mechanisms and other important aspects of aerospace. The fee for the courses is available in the college prospectus.

Scholarships: University offers NSERC and OGS scholarships under Canadian and Ontario Government. In addition to this, students are also offered with additional funding from UTIAS. International students having external scholarships may receive supplemental financial support at the discretion of the institute.

Singapore Polytechnic: School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering department of this institute offers diploma in aeronautical engineering. It ranks first in Singapore institute ranking and does best to offer practical knowledge about aerospace.  Students here are nurtured well through the beginning to get adjusted with rapidly changing aeronautic world. The diploma course provides solid grounding in mechanical engineering followed by specializations in aircraft-related modules. The institute has tied up with Republic of Singapore Air Force, Singapore Airlines Engineering Company, Singapore Technologies Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney.

Scholarships: The institute offers various scholarships which are administered by Student Service Centre. Some of scholarships awarded are- SP Engineering Scholarships, ASMI Scholarship, Ngee Ann Kongsi Scholarship and Alumni Glad2Give Scholarship.  Apart from these, there are also some financial schemes for paying tuition fees and for notebook PC. The amount for scholarships is available with the institute management that is availed for students.