Are you looking for a profession that promises you a bright future but quite confused which career you should opt for? And if you like dealing with money and accounts and finance are your best subjects then without any doubt banking is the best field for you. Banking careers suffered a severe setback after the last recession and because of this many people hesitate in building a career in banking. But that crisis period has passed now and if you are wondering whether or not to follow a career in banking, you must go ahead because the winds of changes are sweeping off all the uncertainties of banking career.


Credit unions and banks deal in a lot of services and selling of financial products and they are in charge of billions in assets, personal accounts, policies and commercial accounts. People are employed by the financial institutions for the smooth working of the various wheels of the financial institution. Career in banking means employment in these services and you must know that they are stable these days. Whether the bank is in a rural area, catering to selected customers who are faithfully standing by, the nature of the jobs is longstanding. Similarly, larger organizations have more abundant opportunities and more considerable authority to deal with money. Isn’t it fascinating?

Importance Of Career In Banking

Now that the recession period is over, banks are yet again trying to spread its wings, absorbing human resources and trying to stabilize the economy of the world.  A career in banking is meant for those who enjoy dealing with the public and numbers. Working with people may be stressful yet enjoying and the job demands loads of patience. Besides this, you can get a decent pay if you have some basic levels like Diploma and Bachelors and advanced degrees like Masters in Banking.

Why It Is A Lucrative Career Option?

It is indubitable that banking is a lucrative career option. These days it offers stability and integrity and with the various employment benefits to enjoy.  There are benefits packages, medical insurance, dental as well as life insurance with banking jobs. You can also get retirement plans while dealing with some banks. Regarding the leaves holidays, they are just as usual in other careers, but may be your schedule of work will vary. Banks are neat, safe and pleasant place to work. They are regularly audited and examined and hence at all time the workplace environment is kept organized.


Banking is an excellent career option because it offers a myriad of opportunities. You can start as a teller or customer service executive and this is the primary entry level in the banking sector. Those still in college or in Junior College can opt for this job. If sales in your forte and you can talk people out, sales positions in the bank are meant for you. They offer good salary as well as additional commissions like mortgage representatives, personal bankers and investment advisors. You can also work at the customer support cell in the bank because banks do not outsource.

IT departments in the bank need IT professionals with knowledge of computer systems and internet banking, and hence IT people are also absorbed in the banking sector. Management students too can get a lot of opportunity in the banking sector working as assistant managers and managers in branches and even superior positions. Other typical banking jobs are those of a credit analyst, mortgage officer, loan officer, branch managers, and bank tellers and so on.

Some Universities Worldwide Offering Courses In Banking And Finance

University of Tampa

In 2014, University of Tampa, USA is ranked at #22 by the US News. The University of Tampa presents the financial degrees like Bachelor of Science in Finance and MBA Finance Concentration that prepares candidates for commercial banking, institutional and individual investments, financial services, government services, and for preparation of CFA and CFP aspirants.

Scholarships– Based on the academic qualification and the financial need the students are given generous grants and scholarships for various courses.

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University, Australia is also an accredited college that presents the three years full-time or six years part-time Bachelor of Business Finance. It covers areas like financial management, accounting, management theory, investment, financial planning, funds management and finance law. The course offers the practical work placement opportunity.

Scholarships– Variety of grants, scholarships and loans are provided to the students seeking admission in Charles Strut University.

Nanyang Technological University

Nanyang Technological University is at the #28 in the QS Top Universities 2014 list and has been ranked as 38 in the list of Global MBA Ranking 2014 by Financial Times. Apart from the basic courses- Bachelor of Accountancy and Bachelor of Business you can also consider the exclusive course of Double Degree in Accountancy and Business, from the Nanyang business school under Nanyang Technological University that sheds light on the details of accounting and management skills needed in banking career, to develop multiple talents in students.

Scholarships– This University also offers various partial scholarships like Nanyang Fellows Scholarships, ASEAN Graduate scholarships and more to the international students.

Australian School of Business

Australian School of Business also offers various Undergraduate courses in Banking and Finance and postgraduate research degrees, coursework degrees, Banking and Finance Honours programs. The well-formatted curriculum includes mergers and acquisitions, dividend policy, debt, equity structures to name a few.

Scholarships– To overcome the financial pressure ASB provides numerous scholarships at graduate, PG, PG research and MBA levels.

International Financial Institute

If you wish to be a successful investment banker, and rule the Wall Street, a professional degree from International Financial Institute like in Investment Banking Training gives you all the tricks of the trade like financial modelling, M&A, leveraged buy-outs, and corporate valuation. The accredited institute provides live training sessions at various locations worldwide including NewYork, Toronto, Singapore, Sydney, London, Johannesburg and many more.

Scholarships- No information on the scholarships is available on the website for it please contacts the institute.

Morgan Stanley, Undergraduate Analyst Program

Morgan Stanley’s Analysts degree can broaden your chances for a successful banking career. Morgan Stanley, as a financial institution is globally acclaimed and with a degree from here you can also join from the various departments like Equity Research or Bank Resource Management or Investment Banking under the company itself.

Scholarships– Students from underrepresented communities can get the diversity scholarships and internships from the Morgan Stanley.

Global Banking Training

Recognized by CFA Institute and got accreditation from UK Border Agency, Global Banking Training provides instruction in Investment Banking Training and thorough insight into the global banking scenario. After completion of the course, you will get access to the career development program that prepares you for the years ahead. The programs of this London-based institute are multi-location based including various worldwide locations such as London, New York, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, Toronto, Paris, etc.

Some of the other institutes and universities worth mentioning are Investment Banking Institute, New York that gives the first-hand experience in the finance and banking field with the help of in-class live training sessions. Similarly, Kingston University London is also an accredited university that offers Masters Course in Banking and Finance. This course is specially designed for the students who want to excel their career in the banking and financial services field. More than 60 scholarships are provided to the international students enrolling in this University. Another University named as Fontbonne University, United States provides various Bachelor’s Degree Concentrations courses based on Accounting and Finance, Some of the courses are Money & Banking, Commercial Bank and many more of the same field. This institute also offers scholarships to the students under various categories.


Having so many courses offered by the top-notch universities worldwide it is a wise decision to opt banking as your career. Banking is a sector that is fast-growing and if you have a passion for numbers, accounts and money matters, then this is the most-suitable profession that you must choose!