To help in surveying the key aspects of an evolving music industry edX is coming up with another online course, “Introduction to Music Business” in collaboration with Berklee College of Music.

In today’s world, three aspects are apparent about music industry i.e. the consumption of music is expanding at the greatest rate in history and from the most portals ever imagined, the cost of producing music is decreasing and the number of artists creating and seeking to expose their work and develop careers through the Internet has increased dramatically.

When the demand grows and internet piracy decreases, subscription representatives and ad-supported create extraordinary revenues that will exceed even the best of past earnings. Many judicious “music industry-watchers” are predicting a steep rise in business activity and trade earnings by the end of the decade.

This course has been designed to provide applicants with the recent instructions on the best way for creators, consumers and facilitators to navigate the renaissance of the “music business” one of the world’s most stimulating industries.

Course Timeline

This course will start from May 27, 2014.

Course Period

This course requires an estimated effort of 5 hours/week from each student.

Online course Provider

edX and Berklee College of Music

Online Platform


Eligibility Requirements

Applicants who are interested in this field can apply for this course.

Verified Certificate

Applicants may work towards a verified certificate of achievement to document their accomplishment.

Online Course Staff

John P. Kellogg

He is an entertainment lawyer and author of a renowned book on music business “Take Care of Your Music Business.” He is also an assistant chair of music business management at Berklee College of Music. Kellogg is a former vocalist with the group Cameo.

You can apply for the course by following edX website.