The new Ca’ Foscari University of Venice Positions and Scholarships is on offer to all new international students for 2017-2018 academic year. Positions and scholarships are available to pursue PhD research in the field of Humanities, Sciences, Economics, Management and Languages.

Brief Description:  The new Ca’ Foscari University of Venice Positions and Scholarships are available to pursue PhD programme. The amount of the doctoral scholarship is EUR 13,638.47 per year, net of insurance fees owed by the doctoral scholarship holder.

Eligibility: Candidates in possession of the following requirements, regardless of age or nationality, may apply to participate in the competition:

  • “Degree” or “Master” (second cycle degree);
  • or degree awarded under the system (“ordinamento”) in place prior to the one introduced by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 509 of 03 November 1999, amended by Ministerial Decree (D.M.) no. 270 of 22 October 2004;
  • or second-level academic qualification ( “second-level academic degrees”) AWARDED BY institutions Belonging to the AFAM ( “Higher Education in Art and Music”) sector;
  • or a Master’s degree awarded abroad, recognised as such in advance solely for the purpose of admission to the competition.

The information found in Attachment “A” determines the type of academic qualifications and any other requirements as stipulated by each PhD Programme.

Applications from students already enrolled in PhD Programmes of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice or, in case of Inter-University PhD programme, in the Universities affiliated will not be considered valid.

Course Level: Scholarships are available to pursue PhD programme. 

Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded within the following departments:

  • Department of Economics: Law, Market and Person, Economics, Science and Management of Climate Change
  • Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies: Modern Languages, Cultures and Societies and Linguistics
  • Department of Asian and North African Studies: Asian and African Studies
  • Department of Management: Management
  • Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics: Computer Science, Environmental Science
  • Department of Philosophy and Cultural Heritage: Philosophy and Educational Sciences, History of Arts
  • Department of Molecular Sciences and Nanosystems: Chemistry (Inter-University Programme)
  • Department of Humanities: Italian Studies, Historical, Geographical and Anthropological Studies (Inter-University Programme), Ancient Heritage Studies (Inter-University Programme). 

Scholarship Award: Doctoral scholarships are awarded by a selection process that is outlined in the call for applications. The amount of the doctoral scholarship is EUR 13,638.47 per year, net of insurance fees owed by the doctoral scholarship holder. The scholarship is exempt from income tax (IRPEF). 

National/International Students: Applicants of all nationalities are eligible to apply for these scholarships.

 How to Apply: The application form must be completed exclusively online. Before applying

  • Read carefully the Call for applications and the information about the PhD Programme for which you want to apply;
  • Check the admission requirements;
  • If you have obtained a degree abroad, please refer to art. 4 of this Call or to the webpage concerning the admission requirements;
  • Make sure that you have the documents to be submitted online in the allowed format (PDF).

The submission of the application is in two steps, both compulsory to the proper participation in this tender:

First Step

  • Registration on the university website at the end of which a username and password will be assigned that you must use during enrolment procedure (this step is mandatory; if you do not risk not to be able to enroller if you are a winner!). If you already possess the credentials required to access the reserved area (for example as former students of the university), this stage is skipped.
  • TAX CODE:  tax code is an alphanumeric code that needs for italian fiscal purpose. It is not a problem if you have not an italian tax code: when you insert your personal data, the computer system will automatically calculate the tax code. Remind that code because you have to use the same on the second step of on line application.

Second Step

  • Access to the links for the PhD programme you want to participate.

As provided for the art. 5 of the call for application, it is necessary to enclose the following documents to the application form in order to participate in the competition:

  • curriculum vitae et studiorum (European format);
  • PhD proposal research;
  • abstract of the Master’s degree thesis (10.000 characters including spaces);
  • transcript certificate of the Master’s degree awarded with the list of exams taken with grades;
  • one reference letter. See Reference Letters Box for more information.

Application Deadline: Scholarship application deadline is April 27, 2017.

For more details visit the official site