Studying in a foreign land is not just an educational achievement, it is a life experience. International students from all over the world experience the adventures a new place has to offer them. If you have planned to study out of your country, it means you have zeal to explore and you are willing to face changes. You may have chosen to study in a specific country due to various reasons. Any student who is willing to get an education from other countries has stepped out of his/her comfort zone and this makes you of more value when you look for a job. Taiwan is a country which can offer you adventure, education, comfort, best study programs and lucrative job all at once.

Why To Study Abroad In Taiwan ?

Taiwan supports high-quality educational atmosphere for international and local students. Taiwan is amongst “Asian Tiger” nations. It is best known for its globally recognized tech industries and colleges, which not only support best technological institutes but also offer other strong academic programs across the full subject spectrum. Apart from local language, Educational programs are also specially designed in English language to facilitate international students. Taiwan gives you best education with many scholarship programs, residential facilities, placement offers all over the world and flexible rules for visa students. If you have planned to study from Taiwan you will not get disappointed indeed.

Life Style Of The Country

People in Taiwan are hardworking, friendly, and traditionally enriched. You will find glimpses of their folklore everywhere in this country.  Taiwan in also techno savvy, people here give high importance to education, literature, and still have their roots attached to Taiwanese culture. Corporate culture has boomed in Taiwan, giving rise to big corporate and advancement of technology has made Taiwanese more aware. Many students from Europe, Asia, America and other parts of world come here to study and learn Chinese. People here understand English, but it is recommendable for you to keep a note of important Chinese words when traveling.

Importance Of International Students

The government of Taiwan has become conscious of the benefits of having International students. It offers many degree courses in English to facilitate international students. Taiwan also runs many scholarship programs for international students. Most of the top universities in Taiwan also offer their own scholarship programs for international students. You can experience Taiwan’s rich culture, high quality of Taiwan’s academic resources and future job prospects while studying in Taiwan. Taiwan is less expensive than most of the countries. The government here is fully supportive and working on their education structure to attract international students.

Here is the list of top colleges in Taiwan. The ranking of college and university here are from thousands of universities of 200 different countries.

National Taiwan University  this university was founded in 1928. It offers many educational courses from arts, literature, agriculture, science, management, medical studies etc. this university is top research university of Taiwan.
Rank: 82

National Chengchi University  offers a distinguished academic and ethics program, and focused in providing well rounded education. It helps you nurture into an exceptionally qualified professional with humanitarian values.
Rank: 150

National Chiao Tung University this university holds very good standard of education with advances technical education. Computer science and engineering courses ranks above top 70.
Rank: 163

Chinese Culture University was founded in 1962 and it is a traditional academic-oriented university which meets rising demands of native culture. CCU has established a number of innovative and special departments which can congregate your needs as a student.
Rank: 900

National Formosa University  focuses mainly on educational principals such as Talent Cultivation, learning environment, research development and administration.
Rank: 1149

Soochow University is a private university established in 1900, this makes it the oldest private institute of the nation. The university aims at providing high quality education that prepares students for making significant contribution in their work field and to the nation.
Rank: 1164

Taipei Medical University (TMU) is Taiwan’s top university in ranking wise. It provides best medical courses with sports facilities, housing, students club, vast library and many other conveniences.
Rank: 1234

Providence University follows its school motto of “Virtues cum scientia and Virtues with Knowledge” Providence University values general education as well as professional training. It was established in 1956.
Rank: 1332

Taipei National University of the arts offers a vibrant campus life with beautiful campus atmosphere. It has artistic creativity and cultural activities.
Rank: 1534

National Kaohsiung First University Of science and Technology aims to set up graduate programs and to continue to distinguish itself as a vital research and training and research center, NKFUST ensures that its graduate are well prepared for global competitive job market.
Rank: 1893

Government And University Scholarships For International Students

Taiwan has many financial aids to offer you. These are provided as life style assistance for international students. Applications for the scholarship are evaluated by proper authority. Every college has special body for applying for scholarship. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships provided by Taiwan government. Taiwan scholarship is one of them. To encourage International students for studying in Taiwan, The Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan, these four government bodies of Taiwan established the Taiwan Scholarship Program. To get further information on scholarship programs in Taiwan your can click here.

An international student who wants to pursue Graduation course at Taiwan can take benefits from Taiwan International Graduate Program, you can directly got the page to fill application form from here. There are numerous options for scholarships at Taiwan.  International Cooperation and Development Fund or simply Taiwan ICDF is also amongst the list. To know more and apply for Taiwan ICDF program you can click here.

There are also special scholarship programs for students of specific countries. Visegrad-Taiwan Scholarship is one such scholarship program jointly operated by the International Visegard Fund and National Science Council of Taiwan.

Overall Taiwan knows the importance of how international students and advancement in technology is useful for growth of their country. They have specially designed their courses in English for international students. International students here are benefited by many ways. You can explore Taiwan yourself and know it all with your unique experiences of Taiwan.