United Kingdom is considered as favourite destination for students from higher studies perspectives. United Kingdom government has been cordial enough to welcome the students from across the globe. This approach is also seen in no limitation on the number of students who can visit the country.

All the students coming from anywhere in the world except UK and EU must apply for the student visa. This student visa will be approved only when the student seeking the same is pursuing a full time degree course. The evaluation of the UK visa for the candidate will be based on point system.

The student is required to obtain minimum 40 points to get approval for the visa. Following points will be highlighted while processing the approval for the visa.

Course Acceptance of studies will be duly sign and approved. The financial Backup of the students must be displayed along with the proved and verified records.

Usually all the cases related to the immigration and visa is dealt by the government itself.

What Is The Best Time To Apply For The Visa?

It is good to apply well in advance for the visa procedure as procedures related to the visa process may take some time.

For Obtaining The Visa You Will Have To Follow These Simple Steps

-Accept the unconditional offer of study.
-Get the Admission Letter and a Student Visitor Visa letter by email form UOD.
-Fill up the comprehensive Student Visitor Visa application form.
-Name of student as written on passport
(a)Passport No.
(b)Course of Study
(d)English Language
(e)Start and End Date of course of Study
(f)Latest start date for entry to course
(g)Tuition Fees
(i)Pre-payments made

-Ensure to process all the mandatory documents for visa application.
(a)Student Visitor Visa Statement Letter
(b)Admission Letter
(c)Qualifications (used for approval from UoD)
(d)English Language (used for approval from UoD)
(e)Proof of financial requirements – to show you have enough money to cover
(f)Tuition Fees and Living Expenses in the UK
(g)Original Valid Passport.
(h)Two recent passport sized photograph
(i)Photocopy of your passport and data page
(j)Visa Application Fee
(k)Health Certificate
(l)Thoroughly check the visa upon receipt for conditions, stamping etc. 

All The Relevant Issues

-Mandatory Documents To Be Presented Along With The Application

1-Documents Regarding The Immunization-
It is more important if the person belongs to area where some disease is more prevalent. For example if person comes from an area with a high prevalence of tuberculosis chest x-ray should be submitted.

2-Documents Related To Ones Monetary And Qualification Status
Documents related to qualification and finance should be submitted so as to undergo complete the verification procedures.

3-Documents Required For Interview Or For Biometric Test

These are submitted for the purpose of identity confirmation.

Visa And Its Categories

-Short Term Visas

A person who intends to do a short term course can avail the following visa. 11 month English language course is an example of such course for which short term student visa is issued.

1-Child Visitor Visa
If the person applying for a course is of 17 years age or is less than that, he needs to apply for this child visitor visa. Duration of this visa is up to six months. If the person wants to undergo English language course he can extend his visa up to 11 months.

-Long Term Visa
If the person is applying for the course that has intent of longer stay in the United Kingdom following types of visa comes in the picture. Person should be registered at school, College or university so as to apply for this type of visa.

1- Tier 4 Child Student Visa
If the applicant is of age between 4 years to 17 years and the person is visiting the country to study at independent, fee-paying school he can apply for this visa.

2- Tier 4 General Student Visa
If the person applying for the application is above 16 years of age and wants to visit United Kingdom for the purpose of study he can apply for the visa.

-Working Students’ Visa
Not all the students can work in United Kingdom on student visa. Students who are on the student visitor visa, child visitor visa, prospective student visa are not allowed to work in UK.

Students who are on tier 4 (student visa) can work in United Kingdom for a fixed number of hours every week and in holidays.

Tenure Of Stay

Following guidelines have to be followed by the students to visit in United Kingdom.
1. Person can visit one week prior to beginning of the course if person is visiting the country for six months or less than six months.
2. Person can visit the country one month prior if the duration of the course is more than six months. Period of stay of the student depends on the completion of the course.

To conclude we can say that UK visa system is based on points. It has been framed with a view to make it more objective and transparent. The candidates applying for student visa should get 40 points. The UK student visa category is specially designed to allow overseas students to carry an academic course in the UK at various levels, which may range from primary and secondary to post graduate and occupational. The university chosen by the student can also be a guide for following the visa application processing.

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